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“You need to see what he is like behind the scenes” — Iyabo Ojo



"You need to see what he is like behind the scenes" -- Iyabo Ojo

Popular Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo has opened up about her personal vendetta against the controversial Nigerian singer, Naira Marley via a recent video she shared on social media.

The actress, known for her outspoken nature, shared her grievances in a viral online video, shedding light on an unsettling incident involving her children during a visit to Naira Marley’s house.

Iyabo Ojo expressed her initial perception of Naira Marley as a sensible individual, believing him to be a safe choice for her children to spend time with.

However, the actress claimed that her trust was shattered when she alleged that the singer had laced her children’s drinks and food with drugs. Shockingly, she stated that approximately three people had testified to this distressing incident.

The popular thespian vowed to pursue justice for her children and to seek retribution for what she believes was an unjust act committed by Naira Marley.

She indicated that her intention to take legal action against the singer would follow the resolution of Mohbad’s case.