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“Marry yourselves” — Uche Ogbodo tells Nollywood colleagues



"Marry yourselves" -- Uche Ogbodo tells Nollywood colleagues

It’s one thing to act the romance on screen, and another thing to bring the screen to real life and according to Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo, it will be all for the better if her colleagues get to bring the screen to life.

The Nigerian actress stirred some serious conversation within the Nollywood community when she used her platform to advocate for actors and actresses to consider marrying within the industry rather than seeking life partners outside of it.

In response to the increasing number of single actors struggling to find suitable partners, Uche Ogbodo suggested that colleagues may be better suited to understand the demands and responsibilities of the profession, making them ideal marital partners.

Uche Ogbodo went further to assert that Nollywood actresses, in particular, possess qualities that make them exemplary wives.

In a statement shared on social media, she advised,

“My Advice to Nollywood actors or Actresses looking for a Life Partner: LOOK WITHIN THE INDUSTRY. Husband full there, Wife Full. Marry your selves. Your fellow actor understands you and your job better than an Outsider. Besides Nollywood actresses make the Best Wives.”

Ogbodo believes a choice in marital spouses isn’t as scarce as Nigerians or celebrities make it out, insisting choices are abound particularly within Nigerian film industry.