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Zulu Adigwe: Internet reacts as another Nollywood legend passes away



Zulu Adigwe: Internet reacts as Nollywood legend passes away

2024 has marked itself as a bad year for Nigeria’s film industry, Nollywood as yet another veteran actor, Zulu Adigwe succombs to the touch of death.

Zulu Adigwe reportedly passed away in the late hours of Tuesday, April 23, 2024.

The somber news was first disclosed by Nollywood movie producer Stanley Nwoko on his Instagram page, where he expressed regret and sorrow over the loss of the esteemed actor. Nwoko revealed that the cause of Adigwe’s death remains undisclosed, adding a layer of mystery to the tragic event.

The family of the late Pa Zulu Adigwe has yet to officially confirm or deny the reports circulating online, leaving fans and admirers of the veteran actor in a state of shock and disbelief.

In his Instagram post, Nwoko wrote, “I regret to announce the passing of a veteran actor. Late Mr. Zulu Adigwe. What caused his death yet to be reviewed. Rest in peace, Good actor.”

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The news of Adigwe’s passing has deeply affected his fans, many of whom expressed their sorrow and disbelief on social media platforms. Adigwe’s admirers fondly remembered his contributions to the Nigerian film industry and lamented the loss of cherished memories associated with his performances.

Reacting to the heartbreaking news, Instagram users shared their condolences and reflections on the legacy of the late actor. User @gloworldcakes wrote, “Omg! Since February this year, all the Nollywood actors are just going one after the other. This is really sad. God, please have mercy and purify us. RIP legend.”

Meanwhile, @boo_over_bwoyz expressed frustration over the loss of seasoned actors, stating,

“Legends are all going, leaving people who only shake nyash and act rubbish for us. God.”

Another user, @hardygal47, mourned the passing of Adigwe along with other recently departed Nollywood icons, commenting,

“4 major legend gone mr ibu, amachie, jnr pope and now zulu adibe may their souls rest in peace.”