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Junior Pope: Nollywood director’s comments sparks outrage



Junior Pope: Nollywood director's comments sparks outrage

The tragic boat accident involving Nigerian actor Junior Pope has taken another somber turn as reports emerge that one of the individuals involved, makeup artist Abigail Fredrick, is set to be laid to rest by the river bank in Anambra state.

Abigail Fredrick’s body, along with that of the cameraman, was discovered on April 11, following the actor’s demise on April 10.

In a recent update shared by Nollywood filmmaker and actor Moses Eskor, in addition to the confirmation of Nollywood actor, Junior Pope dying, it was disclosed that Abigail’s burial arrangements deviate from the customary rites typically observed.

According to Eskor, the decision stemmed from financial constraints faced by Abigail’s family, particularly her father, in facilitating the required traditional sacrifices for her repatriation to Akwa Ibom, her hometown.

Despite efforts to raise funds, it was reported that the resources amassed fell short of the necessary amount. Consequently, Abigail’s father, currently in Anambra state, has proceeded with the burial arrangements, opting for her interment at the bank of the Anam River.

Expressing his distress over the situation, Eskor lamented the inability to gather sufficient funds, deeming the decision to bury Abigail by the river bank as regrettable.

He conveyed his sorrow, stating,

Abigail Frederick Among Passengers In Ill-fated Journey With Junior Pope  For Film Production - Gistmania

“I’m Too Sad. I Wish We Could Raise More! Burying Her At The River Bank This Night Is A Shame To Me.”

The development has sparked reactions from Nigerians, with some expressing concern over the swift burial arrangement and urging for further deliberation.

A Nigerian named Blessing Ekeh questioned the response of the Akwa Ibom state government, while another pleaded for reconsideration, urging a pause to explore further options.

However, for an internet user identified as Joe Praise Jehovah, they expressed dismay over the perceived lack of financial support from within the Nollywood community.

Junior Pope: “Makeup Artist Will Be Buried at River Bank, Her Dad Can't Do  Anything,” Actor Spills -

Calls have also been made for intervention from relevant authorities, including the Akwa Ibom state government, to address the situation.

Amidst the outpouring of condolences and prayers for the departed Junior Pope and the other victims, questions have been raised regarding the adequacy of support within the Nollywood community to aid in the repatriation of Abigail’s remains to her hometown.