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Rivers State tragedy: Fire engulfs dozens of cars (VIDEO)



Rivers State: fire destroys multiple vehicles

A devastating incident occurred in Rivers State where more than 10 vehicles were engulfed in flames, allegedly due to a fuel tanker.

This took place along the busy East-West Road in Port Harcourt, near the Eleme junction. The fire spread rapidly, causing significant damage to the vehicles and the surrounding area.

A video shared on the X platform captured the intensity of the blaze and the efforts to contain it.

Shockingly, the footage revealed a delay of several hours before fire service personnel arrived at the scene. This lack of immediate response worsened the situation, allowing the fire to spread unchecked and cause further damage.

In response to the crisis, there were urgent calls for action directed at the River State governor Siminalayi Fubara to ensure the effectiveness and readiness of the state’s fire services.

The need for swift intervention was emphasized to prevent additional loss and alleviate the impact on affected individuals and businesses.

The reporter, coincidentally present in Rivers State for a wedding ceremony, witnessed the unfolding tragedy firsthand.

Their account provided a clear understanding of the chaos and destruction caused by the fire. As the community dealt with the aftermath, immediate assistance and support were vital to address the situation effectively.


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