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“Do this and you’ll make her happy” — Sarah Martins to Yul Edochie



"Do this and you'll make her happy" -- Sarah Martins to Yul Edochie

If Yul Edochie wasn’t famous enough with folks wanting to give the Nollywood actor a tip or two on how to lead his life, then the actor turned politician turned preacher, must be infamous to call for eyes prying into his matrimonial life.

The latest culprit to the Yul Edochie – Judy Austin saga is fellow Nollywood colleague, Sarah Martins who calls for the actor to severe all ties with new wife, Judy Austin if the actor fancies building a relationship with his daughter.

In the realm of celebrity gossip, the actress stirs the already overcooked pot once again, this time offering unsolicited advice to fellow actor Yul Edochie on ensuring the happiness of his daughter, Danielle Edochie.

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Martins’ input comes hot on the heels of an Instagram post by Edochie, where he expressed his unwavering commitment to making his daughter’s birthday celebration truly special. In a heartfelt gesture, Edochie shared a video clip from his recent movie, pouring out his deep affection for Danielle.

However, amidst the outpouring of parental love, Sarah Martins took to the comments section to deliver her controversial suggestion.

Martins asserted that Danielle would find ultimate happiness if her father were to end his marriage with Judy Austin, whom she unabashedly referred to as “ara Nwanyi Asaba”.

“Danielle will be the happiest daughter if her father divorces Judy Austin, whom she referred to as “ara Nwanyi Asaba”

The unexpected advice has sparked conversation among fans and followers of both actors, with opinions divided on the appropriateness and validity of Martins’ statement.

Yul Edochie, known for his active presence on social media, has yet to publicly respond to Martins’ suggestion, leaving fans eagerly awaiting his reaction.