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“Junior Pope is still alive” — TikToker alleges



"Junior Pope is still alive" -- TikToker alleges

The death of Junior Pope continues to take a different narrative as a TikToker user takes to social media to allege that the recently deceased actor is still alive despite contrary reports confirming his death.

The Nigerian TikToker came forward with compelling evidence asserting that renowned Nollywood actor Junior Pope is alive and well.

The revelation comes amidst swirling rumors suggesting the actor met his demise due to a tragic drowning incident during a movie shoot.

The compelling declaration was made in a newly surfaced video, where an individual clad in a vibrant yellow outfit can be seen urgently racing while emphatically proclaiming,

“Evidence dey, Junior Pope is alive.”

This video has sparked a wave of speculation and hope among fans and industry insiders alike.


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Despite widespread reports circulating in various media outlets regarding the actor’s purported death, a vocal minority has adamantly maintained that he is, in fact, still alive.

Adding to the intrigue, another Nollywood actor has fueled speculation by alleging that the purported demise of Junior Pope was a meticulously orchestrated stunt aimed at generating buzz for an upcoming film in which he starred.


Junior pope death saga was a prank to promote the movie the is a slap to the nollywood industry and the industry needs sanitatio #fypシ #printony #realmadamtiktok #trending #nollywood #prank

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