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Junior Pope: The moment his body was recovered



Junior Pope: The moment his body was recovered

It has indeed been a rough year for the Nollywood entertainment industry as it has lost a number of actors to the clutches of death, with Junior Pope Odonwodo being the recent to be added to the list.

Following the confirmation of his death after a boat incident while crossing the Anam River, a distressing video capturing the moment the lifeless body of Nollywood actor Junior Pope, along with other members of the film industry, was retrieved from the waters, has surfaced on social media platforms.

Reports indicate that the acclaimed movie star met his untimely demise on Wednesday, April 10, following a tragic accident in Anam River, Anambra state, where their boat capsized.

The unfortunate incident unfolded as Junior Pope and three of his fellow Nollywood colleagues were returning from a movie production venture.

In the harrowing footage circulated online, the anguish and sorrow of local residents echoed through the air as they witnessed the retrieval of Junior Pope’s body and those of his fellow actors from the river.

The accident comes roughly 2-weeks after Junior Pope had penned a farewell post to fallen Nollywood veteran, Amaechi Muonagor.

The Nollywood community and fans alike have been left devastated by the sudden loss, mourning the talented individuals whose lives were claimed by the unforeseen accident.

In the mid-quarter of 2024, Nollywood has lost 3-stars who famously graced our scenes.