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Overtly Nice Women turns Men off — Toke Makinwa



Overtly Nice Women turns Men off -- Toke Makinwa

The usual saying ‘nice men don’t get the girl’, also applies to nice women, according to Nollywood actress, Toke Makinwa.

According to the actress, men don’t like overtly nice women and in her assertion, being overly nice as a woman makes men take them for fools.

Toke Makinwa made this assertion in the latest episode of her podcast, TokeMoments.

While hosting Bukunmi Adeaga Ilori, popularly called Kiekie, as a guest on the episode,  Makinwa rebuffed her assertion that women need to know how to put a man to a nice use to get more out of him.

According to Toke Makinwa, this is not often the case with men, stating that Kiekie’s argument in using her own marital life as example in gauging other men was flawed.

“Men don’t like women that are nice…,” Makinwa asserts.

However Kiekie rebuffs the notion, stating;

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“No, let me rephrase that. This is what I believe. For lack of a better word, I feel like when you know how to put a man to a nice use, then he is more functional. See, men like to be reminded what to do.

“We have a child, the baby will go to crèche. My husband knows that the baby needs go to crèche but he will forget and hurry into the car to go to work. I will now remind him and he will be like, ‘Ah! I forgot.’

“It happened for about three weeks with me constantly reminding him to take her to school before that registered and became part of his routine.”

Toke Makinwa counters however by insisting Kiekie’s husband picked correction because he has an ‘easy’ going personality, which most men don’t.