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“NFF the problem not Peseiro” — Nigerians torn over Eagles coach



"NFF the problem not Peseiro" -- Nigerians torn over Eagles coach

The Nigerian football community is ablaze with criticism directed at Jose Peseiro, head coach of the Super Eagles, following a series of disappointing results, sparking fervent demands for the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to part ways with the coach ahead of the impending 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON).

Calls for action have emerged after Nigeria’s recent 1-1 draws against Lesotho and Zimbabwe during the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

Peseiro’s contract extension until the conclusion of the 2023 AFCON hasn’t shielded him from severe scrutiny, with doubts lingering over the Super Eagles’ prospects for the World Cup, as South Africa threatens to secure a substantial lead in Group C.

Under Peseiro’s tenure, the team has experienced a mixed bag of results, winning six and losing eight matches since his appointment on May 15, 2022.

However, the recent stalemates have amplified discontent among Nigerian football enthusiasts.

Despite the growing uproar, divergent opinions abound regarding the crux of the issue. Emmanuel Brown, coach at Ochiba, emphasized that the problem lies not with Peseiro but with the NFF, citing unresolved issues such as unpaid bonuses and allowances, leading to players’ disengagement.

Expressing dissatisfaction, Idris Musa Adinoyi of Dawaki Rangers FC advocated for Peseiro’s dismissal, attributing Nigeria’s lackluster performances to the coach’s purported lack of technical prowess.

Adinoyi stressed the need for a new coach capable of harnessing the abundant talent within the Nigerian squad.

Additionally, Hon. Nse Essien, a member of the NFF Board, clarified the intricacies of Peseiro’s employment, indicating that the Sports Ministry oversees coaching appointments.

Essien acknowledged the delay in paying salaries but highlighted contractual obligations to Peseiro.

As dissent grows, the debate rages on whether Peseiro’s departure will remedy the situation or if deeper institutional issues within the NFF need addressing.

The fervor to reshape the Super Eagles’ destiny intensifies as Nigeria braces for crucial footballing challenges in the near future.