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Tesla accelerates layoffs amid Musk’s cost-cutting drive



Tesla layoffs: Musk's plans to cut more jobs

Tesla is doubling down on its recent layoffs, with two senior executives and hundreds more employees getting the axe, according to The Information.

The cuts include the entire Supercharger team, led by senior director Rebecca Tinucci, and Daniel Ho’s new vehicles program.

CEO Elon Musk’s company-wide email hinted at more cuts to come, with up to 20 per cent of Tesla’s workforce potentially on the chopping block.

Musk’s aggressive cost-cutting measures contrast sharply with his failed $55.8 billion pay package proposal, described as “unfathomable” by a judge.

Despite Tesla’s plummeting profit margins, dismal earnings report, and controversial Autopilot software, its stock price remains buoyant.

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