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“I am disappointed” — Ahmed Musa slams Nigeria’s media



"I am disappointed" -- Ahmed Musa slams Nigeria's media

Nigeria’s football icon and Super Eagles captain, Ahmed Musa, has taken to social media to address a recent incident that sparked widespread misinterpretation.

In a statement posted on his social media platform on X, Ahmed Musa aimed to clarify the circumstances surrounding a cultural gesture involving himself and Kano State Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf.

Expressing his disappointment at the unexpected attention garnered by a seemingly innocuous moment captured almost a month ago, Musa emphasized the cultural significance behind his actions.

According to Musa, in Northern Nigerian culture, gestures such as kneeling and shaking hands symbolize the highest form of respect.

“It has come to my attention that on a moment captured almost a month ago, has unexpectedly become the center of attention on social media. It’s disheartening to see a simple act of cultural respect blown out of proportion. In our Northern culture, the gesture of kneeling, shaking hands etc signifies the highest form of respect.

“This was my intention when I greeted the Deputy Governor in such a manner. However, when it came to greeting the Governor, I chose to bow and not shake his hands, honoring him in a way that is deeply rooted in tradition.”

He clarified that his intention was to honor the Deputy Governor with such a gesture, while choosing to bow instead of shaking hands when greeting the Governor, in accordance with deeply rooted traditions.

The former Leicester City star criticized the country’s media platforms for amplifying the incident rather than focusing on pressing issues affecting Nigerians.

“It’s unfortunate that amidst all the pressing issues our nation faces – economic hardships, security challenges, religious clashes and more – this seemingly insignificant moment has garnered so much attention.

“Even national media outlets like ARISE TV have jumped on the bandwagon, diverting focus from issues that truly matter- highly disappointing I must say.”

Ahmed Musa lamented the diversion of attention from critical matters such as economic hardships, security challenges, and religious tensions.

He singled out national media outlets like ARISE TV for joining the fray, labeling the situation as highly disappointing.

Addressing criticisms questioning his respectfulness, Musa urged for reflection on the allocation of energy and attention. He advocated for a shift towards addressing societal issues and finding solutions rather than engaging in needless distractions.

“What’s even more disheartening are the comments questioning my respectfulness, especially from those who don’t know me personally.

“Let’s pause for a moment and reflect on where we choose to direct our energy. Shouldn’t it be towards finding solutions to the problems plaguing our society rather than getting caught up in needless distractions?”

In concluding his statement, Musa called for collective efforts towards tackling real challenges, promoting unity, and striving for a better future for all Nigerians.