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Victor Osimhen gifts fan N2.5 million



Victor Osimhen gifts fan N2.5 million

It isn’t Christmas but Super Eagles striker, Victor Osimhen has chosen to be the cheerful giver to a young Nigerian fan.

The renowned Super Eagles football star, garnered widespread acclaim after extending his generous gesture towards the young fan who emulated what it meant to be ‘Victor Osimhen’ in both his appearance and footballing prowess.

The heartwarming incident unfolded when Osimhen offered a monetary reward of N2.5 million to a young boy who donned a mask resembling the footballer’s visage and showcased remarkable football skills reminiscent of Osimhen’s own talent.

The heartening episode gained attention after Tunde Ednut, a prominent Instagram blogger, shared a video featuring the young boy engaging in football activities while adorned in a jersey and mask bearing resemblance to Osimhen.

In the background of the video, voices affectionately referred to the child as “Osimhen,” highlighting the striking resemblance between the youngster and the professional footballer.

Upon witnessing the video, Osimhen expressed his desire to locate the young fan, seeking Tunde Ednut’s assistance in identifying and reaching out to the child. Demonstrating commendable initiative, Ednut enlisted the help of content creator Eriq Morak, who eventually tracked down the boy in Ivory Coast.

Sharing the heartening discovery on social media, Ednut revealed the boy’s unexpected location and expressed his astonishment at the international reach of Osimhen’s fan base. He recounted the collaborative effort that led to locating the young fan, highlighting the supportive role played by various individuals in the process.

Following Osimhen’s generous gesture towards the young fan, the boy’s family expressed their profound gratitude to the footballer through a heartfelt video message.