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Charles Okocha threatens Portable on Instagram



Charles Okocha threatens Portable on Instagram

Publicity stunt or not, Nigerian entertainers, Portable and Charles Okocha have gotten the internet talking as the Nigerian singer engaged the Nollywood actor in a heated row on Instagram over a financial disagreement.

Portable took to Instagram, alleging that Okocha had received 40 million naira from promoters for an Abuja show/endorsement where Portable was invited to perform.

According to the singer, Okocha only paid him 5 million naira, which he deemed insufficient compared to the amount Okocha allegedly received.

He accused Okocha of shortchanging him and demanded a larger sum, branding Okocha a thief for not providing a more equitable share of the earnings.

In response to Portable’s claims, Charles Okocha refuted the allegations, asserting that he secured the deal and had invited Portable as his guest to the event.

He clarified that he flew Portable from Lagos to Abuja for the promotion and, after the event, compensated Portable with 5,000,000 naira as his share.

Okocha emphasized that no formal agreement was signed, asserting his authority in determining Portable’s compensation.

Expressing his displeasure with Portable’s public statements, Okocha warned the singer to cease discussing the matter and issued a direct threat of physical confrontation if they were to meet face-to-face.

If i see you one on one, you


If i see you one on one, you

In a rebuttal, Portable challenged Okocha to meet him in Sango or another location in Lagos, declaring his readiness to engage in a physical altercation.

He continued to accuse Okocha of thievery, alleging that Okocha collected funds on his behalf but cheated him out of what was rightfully his.

The dispute between the actor and the singer has sparked considerable attention on social media, drawing reactions from fans and followers of both personalities.