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Where’s your wedding ring?



Where is your wedding ring? Nigerians ask May Edochie.

Celebrities don’t have an easy life, no matter how flamboyant or glamorous they make it seem, and those who suffer it worse are those closest to them who generally may not want the publicity.

Publicity is what Yul Edochie has brought for his first wife, May Edochie with his decision to go polygamous.

Trust the social media to eat the story and the characters within it up, that Yul ultimately became the villain in it.

Where’s your wedding ring?

Where’s your wedding ring?

And now, another chapter within it has opened with the Nollywood actor’s first wife taking off her wedding ring.

She got on her Instagram page to share a video of herself doing ads for a product and netizens couldn’t wait to take a peep at her fingers.

Surprise-surprise, the ring on her finger was gone.

Where’s your wedding ring?

Where’s your wedding ring?

Though being a low-key personality, May Edochie has used the publicity quite well and built a platform for herself.

In a video she shared on the social media platform, an Instagram user and a die-hard fan sent May a comment, praising her as an exception and also promising her an ambassadorial deal, while remarking on the villains; Yul and Judy Edochie.

It may be a stroke of luck on May, or perhaps the whole polygamy drama may be a stage performance to milk out contents, but there isn’t any shred of doubt that May Edochie now has a dedicated fan-base she can call on.

Social media, the gift that keeps on giving.