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Instagram’s enhances “Notes” visibility, new “Cutouts” feature



Instagram's enhances "Notes" visibility, new "Cutouts" feature

Instagram is implementing updates to enhance user engagement and interaction within the app. One significant change involves the “Notes” feature, which will now be visible directly on users’ profiles.

Previously, Notes were confined to Instagram’s inbox, but this adjustment aims to provide a more prominent platform for users to engage with their friends’ updates.

Additionally, Instagram is experimenting with “prompts” for Notes, enabling users to pose questions for their friends to answer within their updates.

In another update, Instagram is introducing a new feature called “Cutouts.” This feature allows users to create stickers from objects in their photos, similar to the iOS sticker feature.

These stickers can be shared in Stories or Reels, providing users with a creative outlet. Furthermore, users can create cutouts from public posts, offering a new way to remix content.

However, Instagram provides an option to disable this feature for users who prefer to maintain control over the use of their content.

Overall, these updates signify Instagram’s ongoing efforts to foster deeper engagement and creativity among its users.

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