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“Karma is coming for all of you” — Yul Edochie



"Karma is coming for all of you" -- Yul Edochie

Nollywood actor turned preacher, Yul Edochie trends online once more following a recent Instagram post that is intended to be a jibe on his colleagues in the entertainment industry, specific a dig on Comedian, AY Makun.

Yul Edochie stirred reaction on social media after his remarks regarding comedian AY Makun’s failed marriage and what he termed a symbolic ‘house on fire’.

Taking to the social media app, Edochie appeared to mock Makun’s personal challenges while condemning those who engage in online judgment and negativity.

In his post, Yul Edochie not only referenced Makun’s failed marriage but also social critics who were all over him during his own marital troubles.

He criticized individuals who, despite facing challenges in their own lives, partake in criticizing and wishing ill upon others for the sake of social media popularity.

“Their own house dey burn oo. Wahala dey their house, dem never fix am,” Edochie wrote, highlighting the irony of people focusing on others’ issues while neglecting their own.

He further lambasted those who seek to destroy the lives, families, and careers of others over personal matters that do not concern them.

Edochie’s stern message warned of karma, cautioning that whatever negativity individuals wish upon others will eventually return to them.