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Paul Pogba Never Asked Me To Jazz Mbappe—Witch Doctor Opens Up



Paul Pogba Never Asked Me To Jazz Mbappe—Witch Doctor Opens Up

The Senegalese witch doctor who was allegedly recruited by Paul Pogba to curse Kylian Mbappe has at long last spoken out.

The witch doctor, known as Birame D, was recently discovered residing in an affluent area of France, according to sources.

In response to the rumors that he was recruited to cast a spell on the star player for Paris Saint-Germain, Birame D has finally spoken out.

According to GFFN, Birame gave a 90-minute interview to Le Parisien where he discussed the incidents in detail.

The witch doctor claimed that Paul Pogba never asked him to perform the task of casting a spell on Kylian Mbappe, stating that such rumors will only circulate as long as people find unimportant topics to talk about.

Birame D explained in a quote stating:

“This whole story of witchcraft is just a pure invention. Paul never asked me to cast a spell on Kylian Mbappe, neither for this PSG vs Manchester United match nor for any other occasion. The one and only time we spoke about Kylian was during a phone conversation during the 2018 World Cup.

“After the match against Argentina (4-3 victory to France), I said to Paul: ‘it’s crazy how fast the little one is.’ Paul answered me with these words: ‘Kylian, it is a gift from God to have him with us, he relieves us so much, he does us so much good.’”

Birame expressed his disgust at witnessing people spreading false information about Pogba allegedly casting a spell on Mbappe while posing as his friends.