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Deborah Samuel: Northern youths seek Naomi Goni’s release so she can be lynched



While the gruesome death of Deborah Samuel still plagues the country, another appears to be gearing to take over as angry Northern youths are after another lady named Naomi Goni in Maiduguri, Borno State.

Since the reported lynching of Deborah Samuel, so many Nigerians have aired their views online concerning the attack by some Muslim students on the deceased Deborah over her alleged blasphemous WhatsApp voice message.

The recent reports have another such case boiling to take place as angry Muslims are on the lookout for Goni who made a Facebook post labeled offensive towards Prophet Muhammad.

Sources gathered that Naomi Goni has promptly been arrested by the Borno state police command and at present in their custody. However, irate Muslim youths seek Naomi Goni’s release so she can be lynched.

The irate Muslim youths believe the arrest was to protect her and aid in her escape from her alleged blasphemy rather than face consequences for her words.

So far, the government is yet to speak on the developing situation with everyone watching as the story unfolds.

It appears law and order has gone on strike together with ASUU as a mob of people can boldly demand the release of someone to be murdered by them even with the world watching.