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AI pornography: OpenAI denies plans despite speculation



AI pornography: OpenAI denies plans despite speculation

OpenAI has released a draft of its Model Spec sheet, outlining guidelines for the behavior of its AI models. While a section addressing NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content has raised eyebrows, the company firmly denies any intention to create AI-generated pornography.

An OpenAI spokesperson stated in an email on Thursday, “We have no intention to create AI-generated pornography. We have strong safeguards in our products to prevent deepfakes, which are unacceptable, and we prioritize protecting children.”

The section in question focuses on NSFW content, with OpenAI emphasizing that its models should not fulfill inappropriate content requests, including “erotica, extreme gore, slurs, and unsolicited profanity.” However, the company acknowledges that developers are exploring the responsible provision of NSFW content in age-appropriate contexts through its API and ChatGPT.

AI-generated porn, particularly deepfakes, has sparked controversy. Instances of non-consensual fake AI adult images, such as those involving Taylor Swift’s likeness, have circulated on social media. Additionally, an incident in Washington state saw a woman unwittingly become the subject of an AI-generated nude image through a state lottery website.

When reached for comment on the potential implications of OpenAI’s stance, Pornhub’s parent company, Aylo, reiterated its zero-tolerance policy towards non-consensual material on its platforms, including deepfakes. They emphasized swift action to remove infringing content and take appropriate measures against offenders.

As discussions surrounding AI and pornography continue, both OpenAI and industry players stress the importance of responsible use and stringent safeguards to protect against misuse.

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