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Google unveils AI upgrades at Google I/O developer conference



Google unveils AI upgrades at Google I/O developer conference

Google kicked off its annual Google I/O developer conference with a focus on AI advancements.

Google introduced upgrades to its core AI model Gemini, including Gemini 1.5 Pro, which can analyze longer documents, codebases, videos, and audio recordings.

Additionally, new features like Gemini Live and Gemini Nano were announced, offering in-depth voice chats and compatibility with Chrome desktop.

On the generative AI front, Google introduced Veo, enabling users to receive 1080p video clips based on text prompts.

Furthermore, Google AI upgrades and integration extends to core services like Gmail, where Gemini will assist users in tasks such as email search, summarization, drafting, and form filling.

In search, Google is rolling out AI Overviews, providing summaries of search results to millions of users in the U.S.

While this integration may concern online businesses, Google assures that overviews won’t replace traditional search results unless necessary, and early testing suggests they promote a more diverse range of website clicks.

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