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Apple’s first unionized store in Towson, Maryland authorizes strike



Apple union strike to start in Towson

Employees at Apple‘s first unionized store in Towson, Maryland, have authorized their inaugural strike against the tech giant.

The Apple union strike comes after what the union termed as “over a year of negotiations with Apple management that yielded unsatisfactory outcomes.”

The store, situated in a Baltimore mall, represents around 100 workers and unionized in 2022, marking a significant milestone.

While some agreements have been reached, key issues such as work-life balance, disruptive scheduling, and inadequate wages remain unresolved.

Apple responded, expressing appreciation for its team and commitment to constructive engagement.

The Apple union strike authorization follows earlier allegations of benefit withholding and labour disputes.

Negotiations are set to resume on May 21, with the union reaffirming its determination to secure improvements for all employees.

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