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OpenAI opens custom chatbots, GPT store to free users



OpenAI opens custom chatbots, GPT store to free users

OpenAI has opened up ChatGPT’s features by making creative chatbots and the GPT Store available to free users.

These features, which were previously only available to premium customers, provide new opportunities for community innovation and cooperation.

The company launched the GPT Store to paid subscribers in January, allowing users to create and share their own chatbots. Now, four months later, this capability is extended to free users, enabling a broader audience to explore and utilize the potential of AI-driven conversational agents.

Some of the trending bots in the GPT Store include an image-generating bot, a chatbot called Consensus tailored for scientific research assistance, and a logo-making bot. These diverse applications showcase the versatility and utility of AI-powered chatbots in various domains.

Moreover, OpenAI is piloting an engagement-based revenue-sharing program for GPT builders, aiming to incentivize and reward creators for their contributions. By expanding access to these features,

OpenAI seeks to foster a more inclusive and vibrant community of users leveraging AI technology for diverse purposes.

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