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Google to launch speaking practice feature to enhance English skills in search



Google to launch speaking practice to Improve English skills

In a recent development, Google has initiated testing for a new feature within its Search platform known as “Speaking practice,” aimed at bolstering users’ conversational English proficiency.

This feature is currently in its experimental phase and is accessible to English learners participating in Google’s Search Labs program across several countries, including Argentina, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and Venezuela.

The objective behind this experimental endeavour is to facilitate the enhancement of users’ English language skills through interactive learning exercises driven by artificial intelligence (AI).

“Speaking practice” represents an evolution of a previously launched feature intended to assist English learners in honing their abilities.

While the earlier feature focused on practising sentence construction within context and receiving feedback on grammatical accuracy and clarity, the new feature introduced a dynamic of reciprocal conversational practice.

Engagement with the “Speaking practice” feature involves users responding to conversational prompts with specific vocabulary.

For instance, users may be prompted with a question related to a particular scenario, such as fitness, and tasked with providing a response incorporating designated words like “exercise,” “heart,” and “tired.”

The introduction of “Speaking practice” reflects Google’s apparent strategic move towards potentially competing with established language learning applications like Duolingo and Babbel.

This initiative underscores Google’s ongoing commitment to fostering language learning and educational resources, building upon past initiatives such as the integration of pronunciation practice features within the Search platform back in 2019.

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