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Adobe introduces AI-powered generative remove feature for Lightroom



Adobe adds AI generative remove to Lightroom

Adobe has introduced a new Generative Remove feature for Lightroom, allowing users to remove objects from photos using advanced AI technology seamlessly.

Adobe AI generative remove to Lightroom, built on Adobe’s Firefly generative AI platform, is now available for early access.

According to Adobe, the Generative Remove tool is designed to handle even the most complex backgrounds. “Generative Remove is helpful for editing even the most complicated backgrounds and surroundings,” the company stated.

“It can remove stains from patterned shirts, wrinkles on tablecloths in food photography, unwanted reflections in water, and more.”

Adobe first introduced its generative AI capabilities in March 2023. At that time, Firefly was launched as a cutting-edge technology combining new generative models with Adobe’s long-standing expertise in imaging, typography, and illustration.

Firefly has since been integrated across Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Document Cloud, enhancing various content creation workflows.

Initially, Firefly offered features such as text-to-image generation and style adaptation for pictures.

Over the past 14 months, Adobe has expanded Firefly’s applications to include its video suite, vector graphics design in Illustrator, and a Generative Fill feature.

Adobe is working closely with its photography community to continually improve and expand the Generative Remove tool.

Additionally, Adobe announced on Tuesday the introduction of a new Lens Blur feature, which can be used to create bokeh-style effects in images, adding a sense of depth and dimension.

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