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Meta unveils expanded AI tools for advertisers



Meta unveils expanded AI tools for advertisers

Meta, formerly Facebook, is introducing an enhanced set of generative AI tools for advertisers, expanding on features initially announced last October.

These tools empower advertisers to generate a wider range of image variations and adjust their creative content seamlessly.

Previously, advertisers could only create different backgrounds for product images. Now, they can request full image variations, including AI-inspired ideas for the overall photo, such as updates to the photo’s subject or advertised product.

One example showcased by Meta illustrates how an existing ad creative featuring a cup of coffee could be transformed to depict the cup from different angles against lush greenery and coffee beans, potentially offering versions of the product that don’t exist in reality.

While this feature enhances creative possibilities, Meta acknowledges the potential for abuse by advertisers seeking to deceive consumers with non-existent products. To mitigate this risk, Meta has implemented robust guardrails to filter out inappropriate or low-quality content.

Furthermore, Meta is rolling out text prompt features to tailor image variations and allowing advertisers to add text overlays with a variety of font typefaces.

Another update, image expansion, previously available for Feed, will now extend to Reels across Facebook and Instagram, streamlining the adaptation of image assets for various aspect ratios.

Advertisers have already reported positive results using Meta’s AI features. Smartphone case maker Casetify, for instance, experienced a 13% increase in return on ad spend by leveraging Meta’s GenAI Background Generation feature.

In addition to AI updates, Meta is expanding its subscription service, Meta Verified for businesses, to new markets and introducing four tiers with varying features, including profile enhancements and improved customer support.

These generative AI features will be globally available to advertisers by the end of the year, offering enhanced creative capabilities and streamlined workflows.

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