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TikTok introduces generative AI avatars, AI dubbing tool for enhanced branded content



TikTok Unveils AI Avatars and Dubbing for Ads

TikTok announced on Monday the launch of generative AI avatars and an AI Dubbing tool, aiming to improve branded content and advertisements on its platform.

These new features are designed to help creators and brands expand their global reach and engage more effectively with diverse audiences.

The new “Custom Avatars” feature allows creators to generate avatars that closely represent themselves or brand spokespersons. These avatars can be customized to support multiple languages, enabling creators to reach a broader audience. Brands can use these avatars to create localized content for global campaigns by partnering with creators or using their spokespersons.

In addition to custom avatars, TikTok introduced “Stock Avatars,” which are pre-built avatars created using paid actors licensed for commercial use. These avatars, designed to add a human touch to branded content, are created with actors from various backgrounds, nationalities, and languages, ensuring diverse representation.

The introduction of these AI tools comes amid ongoing concerns about the use of AI in media and entertainment. Last year, Hollywood actors went on strike over fears that AI would be used to replicate their likenesses without consent. TikTok has addressed these concerns by ensuring that creators have control over the use of their likenesses. Creators can set their rates, define licensing terms, and decide who can use their avatars.

TikTok’s new AI Dubbing tool allows creators and brands to translate their content into 10 different languages, including English, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. The tool automatically detects the language in a video, transcribes it, and then translates and dubs the content into the preferred language. This feature helps creators and brands communicate more effectively with global audiences.

These new tools are part of “TikTok Symphony,” a suite of ad solutions powered by generative AI launched in May. TikTok Symphony includes various tools designed to help marketers write scripts, produce videos, and enhance existing content.

The launch of these AI tools comes as TikTok revealed that 61% of users have made a purchase directly on the platform or after seeing an ad. Despite this growth in its ads business, TikTok faces potential challenges, including a looming threat of a U.S. ban if its parent company, ByteDance, does not sell the app within a year.

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