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VIDEO: Read And Grow Rich | Isaac Oladipupo | #SuccessStories Ep3





Read And Grow Rich | Isaac Oladipupo | #SuccessStories Ep3





Books have changed my life. Literally.

To really lead in life, you need to become an ardent reader. You need to rub minds with those who have gone before you. Those who have accomplished what you are looking for.

When you read books, you tap into the author’s wisdom and it increases your own wisdom bank. Your knowledge on how to succeed is even more important than success itself. To go far in life, you have to pay the sacrifice of being an addicted reader.

Someone once said, if you don’t have a functional library, you are simply building your way to the mortuary. People don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan. And if you fail to read, you’re simply planning to fail.

You can read without being a leader but you can never lead without reading, else you get outdated. What actually makes you a leader is the information you have that your followers don’t have.

When you stop learning, you stop leading. Every great leader is a lover and reader of great books. To lead in life, you need to develop an incurable passion for books.


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