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The Isaac Series: Sunday Olorunsheyi, Co-founder, Pertinence Group



Sunday Olorunsheyi, Co-founder, Pertinence Group



It all started from a rented cubicle shop, few years ago. Today, The Pertinence Group (owners of ABC and VIP Gardens with a team of over 3,000 staff nationwide) is a multi-billion company disrupting Africa’s real estate sector.


Our fifth guest on The Isaac Series is the simple yet deeply profound Sunday Olorunsheyi.

Sunday Olorunsheyi is an astute international business leader with a professional experience of over 20 years in building businesses across different sectors. He is the Co-founder of the multi-billion Pertinence Group (owners of ABC and VIP Gardens with a team of over 3,000 staff nationwide) and CEO of Globarel Group and [email protected]

A highly successful serial entrepreneur, global keynote speaker and investment advisor with rich understanding of the African business economy, Sunday currently seats on the board of 12 thriving businesses including Pertinence Properties Limited, HostNowNow Limited, Prodigit Consulting Limited, 1st Royal Character and Values Limited, Petfam Technical Services Nigeria Limited, PettySave Limited, DataFirst Technologies, Landshares Limited and Globarel Limited.⁣

An advocate for continuous learning with two Masters Degrees in Business Administration and Public administration, he recently concluded his third Masters in Global Management from Salford University, UK.⁣

He is the Lead Mentor at Olorunsheyi Mentorship Platform with a vision to raise globally relevant people. As a dedicated philanthropist, he is also the Founder & Chairman of The Olorunsheyi Foundation established to tackle poverty, poor education and community health issues across Africa. Sunday is also a faculty member at The African Leadership forum. He is married to the delectable Omotayo and their union is blessed with children.⁣


Check on his story below:


The Isaac Series is an online masterclass where African disruptors tell the stories behind the brands they built. Hosted by Isaac Oladipupo, The Isaac Series airs on Instagram Live via @theisaacola every Sunday 6pm (WAT). Its uniqueness is in the vulnerability of guests in revealing previously untold stories about their failures, challenges, successes, processes, and rare lessons from their unique journey. The aim is to transform the upcoming generation from consumers to producers, shielding them from repeating mistakes while increasing the number of empowered youths above the weaklings.⁣


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