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The Isaac Series: Temitope Onitiri, Partner, KPMG



The Isaac Series Temitope Onitiri, Partner, KPMG

Intrapreneurship is entrepreneurship in the corporate world. Becoming an intrapreneur can help you create career opportunities without the risk of entrepreneurship and without having to leave your current role. On this episode of The Isaac Series, Temitope Onitiri, Partner at KPMG shares the story of her rise with Isaac Oladipupo, and how just anyone can do likewise. Enjoy!

Temitope Onitiri joined KPMG in 2003. In 2004, she took a leave of absence to help establish a family business. She re-joined KPMG in 2005 and was admitted into the KPMG partnership on October 1, 2017. Over the last 18 years, she has been responsible for serving clients in the Consumer Market (CM) unit of the Audit Division.

She is a key expert in providing statutory audit, special purpose/project audit, aids/grants audit, IFRS advisory services (including conversion, implementation support and capacity building/training), processes and procedures documentation, accounting assistance services and due diligence reviews to clients in a variety of industries including Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), consumer/industrial markets, manufacturing, health, government, Aids/development, telecommunications, technology, media, infrastructure, real estate and property development sectors.

A ‘yellow book’ certified auditor with vast experience working with aid and development organisations, Temitope has leveraged on her in-depth knowledge and experience to serve national and multinational organizations.

In her role as a partner she is responsible for signing audit reports, executing management decisions, dealing with external regulators, people development and business performance.

Love be a disruptor within your organization and change your company from inside-out?

We’ve got you – Simply check on her interview below:


The Isaac Series is an online masterclass where African disruptors tell the stories behind the brands they built. Hosted by Isaac Oladipupo, The Isaac Series airs on Instagram Live via @theisaacola every Sunday 6pm (WAT). Its uniqueness is in the vulnerability of guests in revealing previously untold stories about their failures, challenges, successes, processes, and rare lessons from their unique journey. The aim is to transform the upcoming generation from consumers to producers, shielding them from repeating mistakes while increasing the number of empowered youths above the weaklings.⁣