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The Isaac Series: Maryam Adebola-Salami, CEO, MobabyCare



Maryam Adebola-Salami

Maryam Adebola-Salami is the Founder and Lead Formulator at MobabyCare Nigeria, a baby/child-specific, all-natural skin and hair care solutions company. In this chat with Isaac Oladipupo, she recounts how she turned her pains into bestselling products.


Maryam Adebola-Salami is the Founder and Lead Formulator at @MobabyCare, a baby/child specific, all-natural skin and hair care solutions company.⁣

She is also very passionate about women and children contributing to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals hence she created THE MADE WOMAN INITIATIVE to help women create and live a sustainable life.⁣

An innovative entrepreneur with a first degree in Zoology and over 7 years of leadership experience in the IT, Fashion and Manufacturing Industries, she started off as an Administrative manager at Appzone Limited. Afterwards, she transitioned into a seasoned Production Manager and then Lead Designer at Made Creations & Designs, an award-winning Design outfit for brides and children, prior to founding Mobabycare.⁣

She is a member of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) network and was recently awarded by the Mouka Limited in conjunction with Accessing Grant for Startup (AGS) tribe for her excellence in managing and teaching work /life balance.⁣

For her excellent business idea, Mobaby Care which recently concluded an incubation program with the Orange Corners Nigeria in collaboration with the Kingdom of Netherlands, has also been selected for the Enterprise Development Centre for the Road to growth incubation program sponsored by the Cherrie Blaire foundation for women, ExxonMobile and World bank.⁣


Watch her inspiring story below:

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