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Victor Osimhen doll stirs more Controversy for Napoli



Victor Osimhen doll stirs more Controversy for Napoli

They prepared a doll in the likeness of Victor Osimhen without his consent and neither his club’s.

From one PR controversy to another it would seem for Victor Osimhen and Napoli, but this time, it is the club standing by the Super Eagles star’s back in the face of the controversy.

After the nightmare that was the TikTok video, Napoli are eager to change whatever negative image that may have been pictured of them.

The controversy the club is seeking to deal with, stems from a recent funko doll made in Victor Osimhen’s likeness that has taken sales in stores.

According to Napoli’s statement, the doll was unauthorized for merchandizing by the club, with the Serie A side ready to press charges.

The Italian Serie A champions made the announcement, revealing their intent to pursue legal action against an Italian toy store for producing the unauthorized doll that bears a striking resemblance to Victor Osimhen.

The unlicensed doll gained unexpected notoriety as it circulated on social media platforms due to its remarkable similarity to Victor Osimhen.

Among its defining features are a protective mask adorned with the number 9, a light blue jersey akin to Napoli’s iconic colors, and a distinctive blond tuft of curly hair, mirroring the Nigerian football sensation’s appearance.

In response to this unauthorized merchandise, Napoli issued an official statement on Thursday evening, unequivocally asserting that the doll lacks any endorsement or authorization from either the club or Victor Osimhen himself.

Consequently, the doll is in violation of Osimhen’s image rights.

At present, Osimhen’s contract extension with the club remains in doubt, and his relationship with Napoli has grown frosty, partly due to disagreements stemming from their TikTok video content.