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Instagram update Reels algorithm to prioritize original content



Instagram Reels algorithm shifts to original content

Instagram is shaking up its recommendation algorithm for Reels, aiming to elevate “original content” and give smaller creators a better chance at reaching audiences.

The platform announced these significant changes in a recent blog post, acknowledging the imbalance in its ranking system, which often favoured accounts with large followings and reposted content aggregators.

The company stated its intention to correct this disparity, promising to adjust the algorithm to provide smaller accounts with more exposure.

Specifically, Instagram plans to prioritize content based on its appeal to users, rather than solely considering the size of the creator’s following.

While the exact details of these adjustments remain unclear, Instagram emphasized a gradual approach to showcasing Reels to wider audiences, regardless of the creator’s follower count.

However, users may not see the full effects of these changes for several months as the rollout progresses.

In addition to algorithm tweaks, Instagram will actively replace reposted Reels with the original clips when identical content is detected. Accounts sharing reposted content will be labelled prominently, distinguishing them from the original creators.

However, creators making significant modifications to reposted content, such as adding voice-overs or reaction clips, may not be affected by these changes.

Aggregator accounts that frequently repost content will face stricter penalties. Instagram plans to stop recommending Reels from these accounts entirely if they repeatedly share unoriginal content.

This move could significantly impact popular aggregator accounts that rely on sharing others’ clips to maintain engagement and promote affiliate links.

It’s worth noting that these changes are currently limited to Reels and do not apply to other types of posts on Instagram. However, Instagram’s ongoing efforts to reduce the emphasis on follower counts suggest a broader shift in its algorithmic approach.

While some creators have expressed frustration with these changes, Instagram head Adam Mosseri has defended the platform’s algorithm, emphasizing its intended function. These latest updates signal Meta’s continued focus on promoting original content and levelling the playing field for creators of all sizes.

Instagram’s previous algorithm update in 2022 aimed to prioritize original content, but the platform continues to refine its approach to address imbalances in content distribution.

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