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New study reveals surging conspiracy, militia activities on Facebook



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In the wake of the January 6 insurrection, Facebook has once again become a breeding ground for conspiracy theories and militia organizing.

A report by the Tech Transparency Project reveals about 200 groups and profiles across the platform are actively organizing militia activity nationwide.

Despite Meta‘s efforts to curb extremist content, the resurgence of dangerous organizing underscores the platform’s ongoing challenges.

The Tech Transparency Project’s research found ties between these groups and organizations like the Three Percenters militia network, raising concerns about the platform’s role in facilitating extremist activities.

According to Katie Paul, director of the project, Facebook remains a prime space for extremists to gather, plan, and coordinate with impunity, despite Meta’s content moderation efforts.

Users are actively seeking out “active patriots” to discuss anti-government ideologies, attend meetings, and even take combat training. Extremist organizers openly advocate for preparedness against perceived threats, including the government itself.

While Meta has made efforts to address these issues, critics argue that they have not been sufficient.

The impending layoffs at the Oversight Board and the discontinuation of CrowdTangle, a tool crucial for monitoring misinformation, raise concerns about Meta’s commitment to transparency and accountability.

The resurgence of militia organizing on Facebook highlights the ongoing struggle to combat extremism and misinformation on social media platforms, posing significant challenges for tech companies and policymakers alike.

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