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Nigerian man excited after riding in a Tesla for the first time



A Nigerian man, Joe Aito, recently had a remarkable experience abroad when he had the opportunity to ride in a Tesla, an electric vehicle (EV) worth over N50 million.

Expressing his excitement, Joe shared his story and how it fulfilled his dream of being in a Tesla for the first time.

According to Joe, he was pleasantly surprised when a Tesla pulled up in front of his apartment as the taxi he had ordered online. Seeing the sleek and technologically advanced vehicle in person left him in awe.

As a long-time admirer of Teslas, Joe had always dreamt of owning one and had been diligently saving towards that goal. Although he hadn’t anticipated riding in a Tesla as a taxi, the experience left him ecstatic.

The driver of the Tesla proved to be both accommodating and friendly during the ride.

Joe even mentioned that the driver went the extra mile by capturing a memorable moment as they drove past the City Stadium, taking a photo of Joe with the impressive Tesla in the background.


“Manchester Uber drivers are using Teslas for Uber. Had my first-ever EV ride yesterday and boy, was I grinning. We passed by the City stadium and the driver was kind enough to stop to take me a picture. Tomorrow, I go in and see my man, Pep Guardiola. Need to tell him to watch out for United’s next session. And yes, I’m still gathering the money for my Tesla in December this year, so send funds.”

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