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Snapchat to add watermarks to AI-generated images



Snapchat enhances safety with watermarks on AI-generated images

Snap Inc. announced plans on Tuesday to introduce watermarks to AI-generated images on its platform, aiming to enhance transparency and safety.

The watermark, featuring a translucent Snap logo and a sparkle emoji, will automatically be added to any AI-generated image exported from the app or saved to the camera roll.

While the company cautioned that removing the watermark would violate its terms of use, it hasn’t disclosed the methods it will use to detect such removal.

Snap AI Watermark

The watermark, which is Snap’s logo with a sparkle, denotes AI-generated images created using Snap’s tools. Image Credits: Snap

This move aligns with efforts by other tech giants like Microsoft, Meta, and Google, which have also taken steps to label or identify images created with AI-powered tools.

Snapchat currently offers paying subscribers the ability to create or edit AI-generated images using Snap AI. Its selfie-focused feature, Dreams, empowers users to enhance their pictures using AI.

In a blog post outlining its commitment to safety and transparency in AI usage, Snap Inc. highlighted its practice of visually marking AI-powered features, such as Lenses, with a sparkle emoji.

Furthermore, the company has introduced context cards to AI-generated images created using tools like Dream, providing users with better information.

Snapchat’s initiatives to enhance AI safety and moderation follow the launch of its “My AI” chatbot in March 2023, which sparked controversy due to users eliciting responses on sensitive topics. To add

ress concerns, the company introduced controls in the Family Center, enabling parents and guardians to monitor and restrict their children’s interactions with AI.

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