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LinkedIn to Introduce new subscription service powered by AI for businesses



LinkedIn expands offerings with new premium subscription service powered by AI for businesses

LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, is quietly testing a new subscription service tailored for small and medium businesses.

This service, which includes AI-powered content writing and tools to enhance follower counts, among other features, underscores LinkedIn’s commitment to providing valuable resources for professionals.

Suzi Owens, senior director of communications at LinkedIn, confirmed the new offering, stating, “Premium Company Page is designed to help businesses attract customers, build credibility, and stand out to their audience.”

While pricing details are not publicly disclosed, marketing consultants have noted fees starting at $99.99 per month, with discounts available for annual subscriptions.

This premium service adds to LinkedIn’s existing suite of offerings tailored for businesses, including Premium Career, Premium Business, Sales Navigator, and LinkedIn Learning.

The Premium Company Page subscription includes familiar LinkedIn features such as visitor analytics, customizable call-to-action buttons, and prominent display of testimonials.

Additionally, the integration of AI writing assistance and verification badges further enhances the value proposition for businesses seeking to elevate their online presence.

LinkedIn’s foray into premium company pages underscores its commitment to innovation and providing comprehensive solutions for professionals and organizations alike.

Lawrence Agbo, a tech journalist for over four years, excels in crafting SEO-driven content that boosts business success. He also serves as an AI tutor, sharing his knowledge to educate others. His work has been cited on Wikipedia and various online media platforms.