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Their war here: Davido drops another one on Wizkid



Their war here: Davido drops another one on Wizkid

We all thought they had reconciled and become friends, but it appears Wizkid and Davido being best buds was all for the cameras.

Their feud still lives and if they continue at this rate, they just might drag the internet with them.

The ongoing rivalry between two of Nigeria’s biggest Afrobeat musicians, David Adeleke famously known as Davido and Ayodeji Balogun, known as Wizkid, reignited on social media following a series of heated exchanges between the two stars.

After a period of over 12 hours apart, Davido responded to a jab from Wizkid with mockery, further escalating the tension between the two camps.

The feud began when Wizkid reportedly insulted Davido during a conversation with his followers on Monday morning. Wizkid allegedly posted a video purportedly showing Davido’s romantic involvement with an American model, sparking a flurry of reactions from fans and followers of both artists.

In retaliation to Wizkid’s perceived slight, Davido took to the X platform to criticize his rival, suggesting that Wizkid’s music is now outdated. “Dem no know ur gbedu again 😂,” Davido wrote in reference to Wizkid’s songs. He followed up with another post stating, “When LIGHT comes darkness VANISHES!!! LETS GET ACTIVE!!”

The exchange ignited a frenzy among fans, with supporters of both artists flooding the comment section to express their opinions. While Davido’s comeback was applauded by many, members of the Wizkid FC fiercely criticized him for his remarks.

Several fans seized the opportunity to engage in banter, with some questioning Davido’s musical prowess and others defending Wizkid’s reputation as a hitmaker. Despite the back-and-forth, the rivalry between Davido and Wizkid continues to captivate audiences, underscoring the competitive nature of Nigeria’s music industry.