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Revealed: 7 Digital Marketing Trends That Are Transforming Business



Revealed: 7 Digital Marketing Trends That Are Transforming Business

The drivers of change are complex and interwoven in the world of digital marketing.

The trends are not islands but together amplify and accelerate the way we market and grow our businesses. Mobile phones made social networks even more viral and powerful and their inbuilt cameras just added more content in what was already a noisy online world.

Faster and cheaper wi-fi and telecommunication networks made broadband an essential utility that is now demanded just like electricity. This development allowed video to move from the desktop to the mobile and everywhere.

Complexity and even faster change are the norm.

So what digital marketing trends are driving change and what can we do about it?

  1. The growing concentration of revenue and power

There are many platforms, apps and tools that we all use to create, control and market our brands.

But as the trend towards paid digital advertising accelerates Google and Facebook are becoming in effect a duopoly. Google and Facebook between them share 90% of the growth.

digital marketing trends

This year the total spend of $83 billion in digital advertising will be dominated by the two big players. And Google is projected to achieve 40.7% of US digital ad revenues this year (double Facebook’s share)

Google will continue to dominate search advertising with an estimated $28.55 billion of spend in 2017 and Facebook will dominate display with a projected $16.33 billion in 2017 while Google’s will be only $5.24 billion.

The rest including Twitter, Yahoo and other players will pick up the crumbs.

This dominance of revenue will then allow the duopoly to snap up more social networks, startups and technology companies that fit into its digital marketing strategies and continue to concentrate power.

We have already seen this with Facebook buying Instagram, WhatsApp and the virtual reality company OculusRift.

This concentration of power is also creating other problems.

Reduction in trust

Trust is a big factor in who and what we believe. Marketing is no different.

Facebook has recently reported that its video metrics were inflated and YouTube (Google) has been running questionable ads next to brand content.

The rise of fake news, alternate truth and the domination of the walled gardens of Facebook and Google who are reluctant to provide transparency on their data is also reducing trust in the data reporting.

  1. Marketing automation is now essential

The rise of social networks humanised the web.

Playing online was no longer just the domain of the geeks. It was nice and simple. You tweeted or published a Facebook post. You created content and built organic distribution by growing your followers on the social networks.

But it has become complex.

More social networks, complex digital advertising options and more types of content.

More networks

Despite the concentration of power there are still a lot of social networks to play with and new ones are still popping up. is a grass roots bootstrapped alternative to Twitter that stuck its head up just 6 months ago. But has proven so popular that it been temporarily closed to new users until it builds out a more robust infrastructure.

More content

The types of content and media you need to master has gone way past the simple analog formats of print, radio and television. Now we have Interactive infographics, GIF’s and augmented reality media just to name a few.

What does all this “more” mean?

More tools…..or better ones?

The options within digital technology have also exploded and the number of technology tools just for marketing have been estimated at over 4,000.

But the only way to manage the rising complexity is with marketing automation. There are many options and just choosing is hard.

There are the platforms that aim to be “all in one” tools – Marketo, Hubspot, Infusionsoft are just a few that can assist you in scaling your digital marketing.
Then there are even tools for growing your social network followers with automation. These include Social Quant for Twitter and SociallyRich for Instagram
There are tools for automating the moderation of comments. Big digital publishers like TechCrunch need automation to moderate comments at scale and technology like BrandBastion provide the tech. to do that accurately –
Marketing automation is still just in it’s early phases and this next trend is where it starts to get interesting.

  1. The rise of artificial intelligence

The rise of “AI” is a term that frightens some people and excites others.

The scary part is often seen as people losing their jobs to machines or even taking over the world and replacing humans. The good piece that others are embracing is taking away the drone work that de-humanizes workers. Artificial intelligence is becoming a necessity to enhance and scale repetitive and boring human tasks.

The rise of the robots has been predicted since we watched HAL in “Space Odyssey 2001” in what was another world in 1968. In the decades since we have seen the emergence of the personal computer, the internet, social networks and the mobile smart phone.

The intersection of these technologies is changing entertainment, business and our lives.

Social and mobile are obsessive technologies that have made us all publishers. We are now all video creators, selfie photo producers and writers that share by the billions every hour.

Why we need “machines”

The content explosion is overwhelming.

As the data volume has increased exponentially, the scale of the noise means that making sense of it needs artificial intelligence and machines with big powerful processors. Humans will need the machines to cope and make sense of the complexity and barrage of noise. This means we will “need” artificial intelligence marketing.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing can be distilled into 3 steps. Collect, reason and act.

Collect: There is so much data that humans can no longer cope with the volume and we need computers to collate and collect it
Reason: Making sense of the data and gain insights needs “AI” to perform it at scale
Act: Then to need to use that insights to create messaging and content that influences the buying decision
The benefits of AI for marketers

According to a survey by Demand Base the top benefits that marketers see for using and applying artificial intelligence include increased insights, analysis and prospect identification.

DigitalImage source:

How is it it being used?

Where is this artificial intelligence being used that maybe you don’t even notice?

Tagging of friends on Facebook with facial recognition
Deep learning technology that is woven into Facebook’s suggestions, Newsfeed algorithms and trending topics
LinkedIn uses “AI” to provide better job matching between business and candidate
Pinterest uses the intelligence of the robots to boost image recognition and search
News stories created by robots and humans: Washington Post is using an “intelligent, automated storytelling agent,” which they affectionately refer to as Heliograf. This smart technology scales the creation of accurate news stories to meet the 24/7 news cycle. This was used to report the 2016 Rio Olympic games
And this is just scratching the surface. lists 15 other examples of artificial intelligence in marketing.

Expect to see more of these technologies and trends emerge in digital marketing automation tools and beyond.

  1. Paid digital marketing is now a necessary evil

Digital marketing has never been truly free. But social networks gave us a taste of that for a few short years. We all piled in and when Facebook reduced its free and organic reach in the newsfeed to single digits the crowd complained.

When most of us discovered digital marketing the only option to pay for attention was banner ads on websites. Yahoo was one of the big players then. That was about it. It was the 1990’s.

In early 2000’s the rise of Google led to a new digital advertising option. Search advertising.

This was a way to make money that offered rivers of gold as the it was cheap to advertise online. But then Google changed the rules and increased the rates. Does that sound familiar to the big “F”?

It’s a 2 horse race

The concentration of revenue and the ownership of platforms means that advertising options maybe complex but still concentrated. Up starts like Snapchat are trying to muscle in after going public. But it has some major challenges to make any sizeable dent on the two giant incumbents of Facebook and Google.

This graphic from eMarketer shows the challenge it faces.

Digital marketing trends

Today the rules of the game means that you need to either have the skills within your company or find a good partner.

  1. Live video keeps booming

Live streaming video is maybe the hottest trend in digital marketing right now.

One of the first social networks to offer this was Google+. Google Hangouts was a great part of the platform.

But Meerkat was maybe the first live streaming video app that captured our consciousness. Then it was Periscope and then Blab. Only one of those survives and that is because it has a rich uncle called “Twitter”.

But when Facebook “Live” was launched in 2015 to a limited audience of celebrities the game changed.

But why use live streaming?

Mark Zuckerberg has suggested that people watch live streams 300% longer and comment 10 times more than regular videos. In marketing terms, more engagement is gold.

digital marketing trends

Image source:

But “Live” video is great except when you have people sharing video streams of consciousness that are not worth watching. More content doesn’t mean better quality. My Facebook news feed is full of it.

  1. The rise and rise of algorithms

Google’s algorithms were the first taste of the machines controlling what content you saw in search results. Then when Facebook reduced organic reach the intrusion of algorithms that filtered what we saw in Newsfeeds.

But today we are also seeing the application of algorithms and filtering to the email inbox. Marketing emails are often going to the promotions tab in your Gmail account.

Digital marketers will need to keep on top of this to ensure they are optimising content that rises above the search engine, social network and email filters.

The battle of beating the algorithms will continue.

  1. Influencer marketing takes center stage

The social web gave rise to global topic tribes.

Bloggers created content on fashion, food and thousands of other niche passions. They also built loyal followers and advocates on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. They constructed credibility and trust built on authentic content.

social media marketing trends

As the noise increases online and reaching your target customer gets harder because of content clutter the influencer and thought leaders who have built reach globally are the new niche gatekeepers.

Brands are now paying to reach their admirers and devotees.

But there is a bigger challenge

The rise of of an Internet of apps (not websites).

Most of us are used to a digital world where you created content on your own website and then drove traffic and converted them into readers or customers. The Internet of apps is a huge fundamental shift that you can’t ignore.

According the New York Times the transition from an Internet of websites to an Internet of mobile apps and social platforms, and Facebook in particular, is no longer coming. It is here.

It is a systemic change that is leaving many publishers (and businesses) unsure of how they will make money from their online assets.

Scott Rosenberg, a co-founder of Salon sums up my fear in this one sentence.

“With each turn of the screw, people began to realize, viscerally, that this is what it feels like to not be in control of your destiny,”

One of the most exciting things about social media when I discovered it in 2008 was that it was the democratisation of publishing and marketing. I no longer needed to pay media moguls or the gatekeepers. That was empowering.

But the internet of apps is happening.

Buzzfeed was receiving 504 million visitors a month and in 2016 it had dropped to 471 million. But what has happened is that it has moved its content strategy to other sites. Where it receives over 7 billion visits and views.

What does this mean?

This emergence of the internet of apps and platforms, has some big implications and challenges for marketers.

New growth avenues had to be found for views and readers. According to Buzzfeed, it is about a “Network Integration Strategy”. Pushing content out to other hubs like Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.

Their strategy is now one of “Creating” (people making stuff), publishing to their websites, uploaded to apps and distributed on multiple social channels. Then they keep measuring and iterating from the big data.

So is Mark Zuckerberg becoming the new gatekeeper?

What should you do?

Here are the top things you need to do to master marketing in a world of constant change.

Hire geeks that can read the data that allows you to keep iterating and adapting.
Keep an eye on tools that use artificial intelligence.
Master efficient paid digital advertising. Don’t pay for advertising unless you can measure it.
Use automation to scale and manage the complexity.
Keep learning. Continuous education is essential.
Experiment and then implement what works.
Stand out by telling stories.
So…….strap yourself in and keep creating, evolving, pivoting and reinventing. There is no other option.

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CAN mourns death of Reinhard Bonnke at 79



CAN mourns death of Reinhard Bonnke at 79

Popular German television evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke, has died at the age of 79, TOPNAIJA.NG reports.

His wife, Annie in a statement on Saturday announced the passing of the Pentecostal minister.

A statement released on his verified Facebook page, explained that Bonnke who was popular for his evangelical work all over Africa, passed away peacefully and was surrounded by his family today December 7th.


“It is with sorrow that the Bonnke Family would like to announce the passing of our beloved husband, father, and grandfather, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. He passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family, on December 7, 2019. For the past 60 years he has preached the glorious Gospel of Jesus throughout the entire world. We want to thank you on behalf of him and our family, for your kind love and unwavering support, which enabled him to preach the matchless message of salvation to countless people” the statement read

Revealed: 7 Digital Marketing Trends That Are Transforming Business

Reinhard Bonnke (April 19, 1940 – December 7, 2019) was a German Pentecostal evangelist, principally known for his gospel missions throughout Africa. Bonnke had been an evangelist and missionary in Africa since 1967. Bonnke oversaw 75 million recorded conversions to Christianity.

Mourning the passage of the German televangelist, the Christian Association of Nigeria described his death as a huge loss to the body of Christ all over the world.

The CAN President, Rev. Samson Ayokunle, in a statement by his Special Assistant on Media & Communications, Pastor Bayo Oladeji, described Bonnke as “one of the greatest generals of the gospel of eternal salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ on earth.”

He noted, “CAN and the entire Christian communities in Nigeria join the rest of Christians all over the world to mourn this fiery preacher and teacher of the Gospel and mentor to several evangelical leaders all around the world today.”

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Sowore’s rearrest: We sliding into dictatorship – PDP



Sowore's rearrest: We sliding into dictatorship - PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says the furious invasion of the sanctity of the Federal High Court by the Department of State Services (DSS) confirms that Nigeria is finally sliding into a frightening dictatorship.

The Party in a statement through its spokesman, Mr. Kola Ologbondiyan, said that the invasion of the court is a vindication of its earlier stand that the nation is no longer governed by democratic principles of the rule of law and dictates of the constitution.

According to the opposition Party, what played out in the court on Friday was shocking.

PDP said it is disturbing that the DSS, in a most horrific manner, swooped on the court and held the judiciary to ransom.

The Party stated that the invasion is in a forceful suspension of the constitutional order and a further battering of the judiciary, which points to emerging lawlessness that can only find space in a military regime.

Without prejudice to the charge against the Convener of the “Revolution Now” movement, Mr. Omoyele Sowore, the PDP held that, in a normal democracy, it is the duty of the court to determine the fate of an accused, according to the laws and not a resort to brute force by the government to silence persons with dissenting voices.

“Our Party notes that such a violation, as embarrassingly witnessed in the Abuja court this weekend, is a direct invitation to anarchy and a huge threat to the unity, peace, stability and corporate existence of our nation and the safety of our citizens.

“Indeed, this is not the Nigeria our citizens yearn for and it is imperative to restate that Nigeria, under the Buhari Presidency, is fast sliding into a dark country where laws are suspended, the judiciary is assaulted and citizens are stripped of their fundamental rights,” the Party stated.

The PDP called on well-meaning Nigerians and the international community to call the government to order before its actions or inactions will derail the nation and trigger a breakdown of law and order in the land.

The PDP urges Nigerians across board, irrespective of political, religious and ethnic learnings, to unite in condemnation of dictatorial tendencies of the present administration and in defending our democracy and unity as a nation.

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IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu loses his father



IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu loses his father

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, has lost his father, Eze Israel Kanu.

This comes four months after his mother, Ugoeze Sally Kanu, passed away.

Eze Kanu was the traditional ruler of Afara Ukwu Umuahia community till his death.

The traditional council of his community led by Edward Ibeabuchi confirmed his demise.

Eze Kanu had not been seen in the public since September 2017, after a detachment of soldiers raided his palace.

One of his sons, Emmanuel, also confirmed the demise of his father.

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Court orders forfeiture of N1.5 billion hospital linked to Okorocha’s aide



Court orders forfeiture of N1.5 billion hospital linked to Okorocha's aide

A Federal High Court sitting in Owerri, Imo state capital, has ordered the final forfeiture a N1.5bn hospital, allegedly linked to an aide of Rochas Okorocha.

Dews of Hope Hospital, Owerri, a state-of-the-art 200-bed hospital was linked to an aide of the immediate past Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha. Based on an application filed by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), T.G Ringin, judge of a federal high court in Port Harcourt, had given an interim forfeiture of the property on August 22, 2019.

The EFCC had told the court that it had evidence that the facility was acquired through “proceeds of illicit activities”, saying funds from government house, Owerri were traced to the hospital.

The commission said its investigation revealed that Paschal Obi, former permanent secretary and principal secretary to Okorocha was a signatory to the accounts.

Obi, now a serving member of the house of representatives, has denied ownership of the medical facility.

Wilson Uwujaren, the spokesman of the EFCC, said when he honoured the invitation of the commission, the managing director of the hospital, could not also explain how the project was funded.

“These developments led the Commission to file for the forefeiture of the property on July 25, 2019 under Section 17 of the Advance Fee Fraud, and Other Related Offences Act 2006,” Uwujaren said in a statement.

“In granting the request for the interim forfeiture of the property, the court ordered the anti-graft agency to publish the Order in a national newspaper, which was accordingly complied with in the Nation Newspaper of August 30, 2019 and Leadership Newspaper of September 3,2019 respectively, asking interested parties to show cause why the property should not be forfeited to the federal government within fourteen days from the dates of the publications.

“Upon the expiration of the fourteen-day notice and with no one showing interest in the hospital, the Commission filed for the final forfeiture of the facility.”

Below are pictures of the massive hospital:

Dews of hope hospital

Dews of hope hospital

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IPOB claims Spain attack on Transport minister, Amaechi



IPOB claims Spain attack on Transport minister, Amaechi

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has claimed responsibility for the attack on Rotimi Amaechi, Minister of Transportation in Spain.

IPOB said its members attacked Amaechi in respect to an order by its leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

Amaechi had on Friday claimed that he was attacked by some “misguided” Nigerians in Madrid, Spain.

The Minister, who had made the disclosure via his Twitter handle, however, added that he was not hurt as the attackers were fought off by the Spanish police.

However, a statement signed by IPOB’s spokesperson, Emma Powerful reads: “Yes, IPOB beat Amaechi the Transport Minister base on the standing order given by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to reprimand those politicians who think they have arrived. IPOB Spain precisely Madrid, beat Minister of Transport Chibuike Amaechi in Spain.

“The order was there before the attack on former Deputy Senate President Dr Ike Ekweremadu in Nuremberg, Germany.

” IPOB is warming all those corrupt politicians who brought hardship to the people that we are waiting for them anywhere we meet or see them. We are telling the whole world why they must be dealt with because they are not sincere to the people to the suffering citizens.

“We ask to retrace their steps otherwise IPOB in the diaspora will continue to treat their foolishness anywhere around the world.”

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Rotimi Amaechi attacked by Nigerians in Spain



Rotimi Amaechi attacked by Nigerians in Spain

The Minister of Transportation, Mr Rotimi Amaechi, revealed that he was attacked by some “misguided” Nigerians in Madrid, Spain on Friday.

The minister disclosed this in a post on his official Twitter page.

The former Governor of Rivers State, however, added that he was not hurt as the attackers were fought off by the Spanish police

He wrote,

“Some minutes ago, I was attacked by a few misguided Nigerians while on national assignment at a climate change event in Madrid, Spain.

“They were quickly repelled by the Spanish police before they could do any harm. I am fine. I was not hurt. Thanks for your support and prayers.”

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Sowore’s rearrest: Soyinka sends letter to Buhari, likens DSS to ‘African Wild Dogs



Sowore's rearrest: Soyinka sends letter to Buhari

Professor Wole Soyinka has come out to condemn the invasion of a court in Abuja by operatives of the Department of State Services (DSS) to arrest Omoyele Sowore.

In a statement personally signed by the Nobel Laureate on Friday, he asked President Muhammadu Buhari to call the agency to order.

He issued the statement hours after DSS operatives who came in at least three pickup trucks stormed the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja, in a bid to re-arrest Mr Omoyele Sowore.

The attempt to make the arrested inside the court was, however, resisted by Sowore and his supporters, resulting in a scuffle between both sides.

Confronting the security officials, Sowore’s lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Mr Femi Falana, stated that it was very wrong to carry out such an operation in court.

He, thereafter, asked the officials to go out of the court premises after which Sowore was driven in Falana’s vehicle to the DSS office where he was re-arrested and detained.

In his reaction, Professor Soyinka likened Sowore’s rearrest to what he called ‘Lessons from the African Wild Dog.”

According to him, disobedience calls to disobedience and the disobedience of the orders would only lead to the disregard of the authority of other arms of civil society by the people.

The Nobel laureate warned the government to uphold and respect judicial institutions in order to prevent the present situation from degenerating into chaos.

He also advised that those he described as the “wild dogs of disobedience” be taught some basic court manners.

Before Friday’s incident happened, the court had ruled to adjourn the trial of Sowore and his co-accused, Olawale Bakare, until February 11, 2020.

The duo are facing charges of treason following the demonstrations by some Nigerians under the #RevolutionNow to protest what they described as worsening conditions in the country.

The DSS released Sowore and Bakare on Thursday after refusing to do so in disobedience to two court orders.

Despite the refusal, the security agency insisted that it has always obeyed the orders of the court.

Read Professor Soyinka’s statement below:

Lessons From The African Wild Dog (Lycaeon Pictus)

A few years ago, I watched the video of a pack of the famed African wild dogs hunt, eventually bring down, and proceed to devour a quarry. It was an impala, antelope family.

The pack isolated the most vulnerable looking member of the herd – it was pregnant – pursued it, until it fled to a waterhole which, for such animals, is the nearest thing to a sanctuary.

A few minutes ago, almost as it was happening, I watched the video of a pack of the DSS, bring down, and fight over their unarmed, totally defenceless quarry within the sanctuary of a court of law.

I found little or no difference between the two scenarios, except that the former, the wild dogs, exhibited more civilised table manners than the DSS u court manners.

Only yesterday, in my commentary on the ongoing Sowore saga, I pointed out the near-perfect similarity between plain crude thuggery and the current rage of court disobedience.

Little did I suspect that the state children of disobedience would aspire to the level of the African wild dogs on a pack hunt.

I apologise for underestimating the DSS capacity for the unthinkable. I reiterate the nation’s concern, indeed alarm, about the escalating degradation of the judiciary through multiple means, of which disobedience of court orders is fast becoming the norm.

May I remind this government that disobedience calls to disobedience, and that disobedience of the orders of the constitutional repository of the moral authority of arbitration  – the judiciary – can only lead eventually to a people’s disregard of the authority of other arms of civil society, a state of desperation that is known, recognised and accepted as – civil disobedience.

It is so obvious – state disobedience leads eventually to civil disobedience, piecemeal or through a collective withdrawal of recognition of other structures of authority.

That way leads to chaos but – who set it in motion? As is often the case, the state, unquestionably. Such a state bears full responsibility for the ensuing social condition known as anomie.

It has become imperative and urgent to send this message to President-General Buhari:  Rein in your wild dogs of disobedience.  And for a start, get a trainer to teach them some basic court manners!


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Policeman who killed truck driver surrenders himself



Policeman who killed truck driver surrenders himself

Idowu Omosuyi, the policeman who killed a truck driver along the Akure-Owo Expressroad over a meager sum of money has surrendered himself to the police authorities.

Sergeant Omosuyi showed up at the Ondo Police Command headquarters on Thursday, barely twenty-four hours after he was declared wanted by the police authorities.

Omosuyi, who is attached to the Federal Highway Patrol, had on Monday shot Ado Saleh on the head at a security checkpoint after the latter refused to pay him a bribe. Saleh died on the spot.

Several residents had earlier accused the state police command of trying to shield the erring policemen.

The Police Spokesman in Ondo state, Femi Joseph, who confirmed his appearance at the police headquarters said that the police officers would face a disciplinary panel.

Joseph explained that the Ondo State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Udie Adie, had already set up a panel to investigate and also prosecute the erring officer.

“The officer (Sergeant Omoniyi) would now have to face a panel of investigation that was set up by the Commissioner of Police on the case.

“We have repeatedly said that the case would not be swept under the carpet and just as we have assured members of the public that the Nigeria police shall continue to abide by the laws and protect the lives and properties of the people,” he said.

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BREAKING: DSS rearrests Sowore, file fresh charges [VIDEO]



BREAKING: DSS rearrests Sowore, file fresh charges barely 24 hours after his release

The Department of State Service has rearrested and detained activists Omoyele Sowore and Olawale Bakare popularly known as Mandate less than 24 hours after their release

The two men were rearrested by operatives of the secret police on Friday hours after they were released on bail on Thursday evening.

Sowore and Bakare were released after Justice Ijeoma Ojukwu gave DSS a 24-hour ultimatum to obey a court order backing their release.

Sowore was re-arrested following an earlier attempt by DSS operatives to arrest him inside the courtroom of a Federal High Court in Abuja.

The re-arrest attempt turned rowdy inside the courtroom as Sowore’s supporters, legal team shielded him from the DSS operatives.

After a stand-still that lasted over three hours inside the courtroom, Sowore’s lawyer, Mr Femi Falana insisted that the arrest should be effected outside the court premises.

Lawyer to the activists, Femi Falana (SAN), confirmed the development, saying that they had not been furnished with the new charges the DSS had brought against Sowore and Bakare.

Watch the video below;

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IMN cries out against transfer of Zakzaky to Kaduna Prison



el zakzaky

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) has condemned the transfer of their leader, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky and his wife from the custody of the Department of State Security Service to the Kaduna central Correctional Service as ordered today by the state high court.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the IMN spokesman, Ibrahim Musa, noted that any attempt to take El- Zakzaky and his wife to anywhere other than a hospital that is sufficiently equipped to handle their medical needs amounts to punishing them further.

The group also lamented that the facilities at the Kaduna Central Prison where the couple were taken to, are dilapidated.

According to the statement, it was in that very prison that some survivors of the Zaria genocide of December 2015 died due to lack of medical attention.

“It can therefore never be a substitute for appropriately furnished medical facility that can take care of their urgent medical needs,” the statement read in part.

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