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“It is absurd of the President to do that” — Dele Momodu



"It is absurd of the President to do that" -- Dele Momodu

Renowned Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) figure Dele Momodu expressed strong disapproval of President Bola Tinubu’s directives in resolving the Rivers State political crisis.

This came after a meeting involving Governor Sim Fubara, FCT Minister Nyesom Wike, and other stakeholders.

Reportedly, resolutions from the meeting included dropping impeachment proceedings against Governor Fubara, withdrawing ongoing court cases initiated by Fubara’s team, ensuring uninterrupted funding for the State Assembly, recognizing Martin Amaewhule’s leadership in the Rivers Assembly, and granting autonomy for the Assembly to conduct its legislative business.

In response, Dele Momodu took to Instagram, arguing against Tinubu‘s involvement in both federal and state issues, particularly concerning opposition parties. He labeled it an attempt to impose a one-party dictatorship and urged opposition parties to strongly resist.

Momodu referenced Tinubu’s past defense of Lagos State’s autonomy against federal interference during the Olusegun Obasanjo presidency, highlighting the need for Rivers Governor to protect his state’s interests.

He criticized the perceived compliance with the directives, citing the importance of upholding the sanctity of separation of powers.

Dele Momodu suggested Tinubu should have intervened to moderate Nyesom Wike’s actions rather than imposing directives on Rivers State.

“No President can be a Headmaster of both State and Federal…What manner of Democracy are we practicing that allows a President to intervene in the internal affairs of opposition parties and over-rules the Constitution unchallenged, and our politicians comply as if they are in a slave camp…

“Opposition parties must vehemently oppose this brazen attempt at forcing a one party dictatorship on Nigeria. The directives to RIVERS STATE by a Federal President is really absurd in legal terms…”

In his view, no president should unilaterally reverse legal processes safeguarding the separation of powers. He emphasized that if Tinubu had acted to restrain Wike’s actions, he would have garnered applause instead of engaging in what he termed as interference in Rivers State affairs.