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“I am unafraid of the consequences” — Tinubu



"I am unafraid of the consequences" -- Tinubu

President Bola Tinubu of Nigeria has reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to making tough decisions for the Nigerian people, emphasizing their long-term benefits despite short-term challenges.

Speaking during a meeting with Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands in The Hague on Thursday, April 25, President Tinubu underscored Nigeria’s vast trade opportunities and ongoing reforms to enhance the investment climate.

Highlighting Nigeria’s potential to contribute to the clean energy future, Tinubu pointed to the country’s high-grade lithium deposits. He expressed confidence in the Nigerian people and their ability to weather difficulties, stating,

“I am unafraid of the consequences once I know that my actions are in the best long-term interests of all Nigerians.”

Tinubu also emphasized Nigeria’s youthful population, seeing it as both a workforce and a market for international investors. He stressed the importance of creating opportunities for young Nigerians to thrive within the country, aiming to deter irregular migration and foster lawful migration of skilled individuals.

Addressing the state of the nation’s currency, Tinubu lauded the Nigerian naira as one of the world’s best-performing currencies, attributing its success to necessary risks taken and the resilience of Nigerians.

Furthermore, Tinubu expressed his commitment to fostering a mutually beneficial partnership between the European Union (EU) and Nigeria, advocating for balanced economic ties that promote sustainable and mutual prosperity.

The president’s remarks underscore a proactive approach to governance aimed at securing Nigeria’s long-term economic growth and stability while nurturing partnerships for development.