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Who Is Bola Ahmed Tinubu?



Who Is Bola Ahmed Tinubu?

Who is Nigeria’s President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu?

With the recent controversy surrounding the Nigerian president, it is very excusable for one to assert that Nigerians themselves aren’t sure what the answer to that question itself is.

Is the president who he says he is, or are the conspiracy theories true, that the person known as Bola Ahmed Tinubu isn’t actually a real person, or perhaps the person we know of?

Nigerians, particularly the common folks have built themselves this interesting profile of taking things that are sold to them with open palms, no questions asked.

The elites sell the Nigerian society stories, fantasies, which are quickly believed with little to no verification as to its authenticity or even a fact check to corroborate the truth. Ip so facto, as long as the stories are credible enough to be believed, it is the truth for the average Nigerian man.

Life perhaps they say is simpler that way. No too many questions asked, and everyone can go about doing their thing.

When former President, Muhammadu Buhari stood up in 2015 to run for President under the famous All Progressives Congress, the average Nigerian folk could care less what his educational backgrounds were aside that he came from the Army.

Who Is Bola Ahmed Tinubu?

And when his successor, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu stood to fly same flag as Nigeria’s president, the average Nigerian society did not ask questions seeking to verify his identity or background.

The general consensus is that, the Nigerian politician came from an elite political family, with the former Lagos State governor growing into prominence towards the end of Nigeria’s Military rule in the late 90s.

It was a credible story that needed no verification, not even by the Independent National Electoral Commission or the Nigerian electorate when he stood 3 times to campaign for political office.

However, from within same story, a different narrative came into the picture. A narrative that supposedly denies the existence of the identity of ‘Bola Ahmed Tinubu’ as who Nigerians and the world have grown to know over the years.

From the stories, allegations emerged, linking this personality to a host of divergent stories that places the story Nigerians have come to know of ‘Bola Tinubu’ into question.

Is this man who Nigerians have come to know as Bola Ahmed Tinubu, really who he says he is? Or are his political rivals and opposition right to bring into question his identity?

Either way, the Chicago State University ‘certificate scandal‘ now adds more dissonance to the tale of ‘Bola Ahmed Tinubu‘, and has created more questions on the supposed identity of Nigeria’s President.

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Though the rest of the nation might want to pretend the narratives are all a dramatic act, Nigeria is heading to a stage where the global world would have to sit and start asking who Nigerians are, if Nigerians themselves cannot verify the identity of their president.

The President sitting quiet while the opposition raises more questions and doubt on his identity, leaves Nigerians owing the world answers; answers President Bola Ahmed Tinubu owes his nation.