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How Sir Alex Ferguson offered to pay Man United player to retire



How Sir Alex Ferguson offered to pay Man United player to retire

Manchester United legend Paul McGrath has revealed that former manager Sir Alex Ferguson offered him £100,000 to retire from football during his time at Old Trafford. McGrath, who is considered as one of the best defenders of his time, spent seven years with United and helped them to win the FA Cup in 1985.

Ferguson’s attempt to put a stop to the drinking culture at United led him to approach McGrath and offer him a substantial amount of money to retire from football altogether. However, McGrath chose to decline the offer and continue playing the sport.

McGrath revealed the details of the offer during an interview with The Telegraph. “Sir Alex Ferguson got me into the room and just said, ‘we would like you to stop playing football’,” McGrath said. “Simple as that. And he said they were willing to give me £100,000 to quit playing football altogether and just go back to Ireland.”

How Sir Alex Ferguson offered to pay Man United player to retire

Despite the significant financial incentive, McGrath ultimately decided to continue playing the game. He sought advice from fellow United players Kevin Moran and Bryan Robson before making the decision. “But I spoke to Kevin Moran and Bryan Robson, and I just said I wanted to play on because I thought I could still do something in football,” he said.

McGrath’s decision proved to be a wise one as he went on to enjoy a successful career, playing for Aston Villa and winning the PFA Player of the Year award in 1993. The former United defender has since become a prominent figure in football and remains highly regarded by fans of the sport.

The revelation of Ferguson’s offer sheds light on the former manager’s efforts to change the culture at United during his tenure. The Scottish manager is widely regarded as one of the greatest football managers of all time, having won numerous trophies during his 26-year stint at the club.