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X drops bombshell: premium users can no longer hide blue checkmarks



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In a surprising move, X has decided to revoke the option for Premium users to hide their blue checkmarks.

This decision has left many users puzzled and raises concerns about the platform’s verification system.


The change comes after X had previously made it possible for users to choose whether or not to display the blue checkmark.

This symbol, once considered a status indicator, lost its appeal after X shifted to a paid verification system under Elon Musk’s ownership.

However, the feature was often abused by scammers and impersonators, leading to instances of online harassment.

Recently, X distributed free blue checks to accounts with a large number of verified followers, catching some users off guard.

In response, many new Premium and Premium Plus users opted to hide their blue checks.

Now, it seems that users will no longer have the option to do so, prompting questions and concerns among the platform’s user base.

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