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X releases long awaited feature to iPhone users



X, formerly known as Twitter, has expanded its support for passkey logins, making the option available to users worldwide accessing the app on an iPhone.

Initially launched for iOS users in the US in January, the global rollout was confirmed by the X Safety account, offering more users the choice to utilize this secure login alternative.

Passkeys provide enhanced security compared to passwords, as they are immune to phishing or social engineering schemes and are resistant to login theft.

Users activating passkey logins create a key pair, serving as their digital authentication credential.

The service only has access to one key, which it pairs with the other key stored locally on the user’s device to verify their identity.

Users confirm their identity through biometric credentials or device passcode.

To enable passkeys on X, users must access their iOS app, navigate to “Settings and privacy” under “Your account,” and select “Security and account access.”

Passkey can be found under “Additional password protection.”

However, X has not provided information on the availability of this option for Android users.

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