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Teenage boy survives Farm Sickle piercing in his brain



Luck was said to be on the side of an India teenage boy as he miraculously survived even as a farm sickle pierced through his skull in a terrible home accident.

The sickle, had been left on the floor, and the teen reportedly forgot about it due to light outage.

Bhuppu Sen, 16, rolled over from his deep sleep on March 16 and landed straight on top of a sharp curved metal blade.

Without hesitation he was rushed to hospital where doctors performed a CT scan on him before rushing him into surgery.

A three-hour operation carried out by a team of doctors led to the successful removal of the sickle.

Dr. Kuldeep Singh, the neurosurgeon who led the operation, said he was shocked the boy didn’t end up paralysed or die from the horrific incident.

The boy is now reportedly resting from the accident but is understood to not be in any pain.

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