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India Monsoon floods: 50 die, 1.5 million affected



India Monsoon floods: 50 die, 1.5 million affected

In north-eastern India, torrential monsoon rains have wreaked havoc, triggering widespread floods, landslides, and house collapses.

According to disaster management authorities, the India monsoon floods have affected nearly 1.5 million people and resulted in more than 50 deaths.

The worst-hit state, Assam, has reported 46 fatalities since the monsoon season began in June, with over 1.2 million individuals impacted by the relentless rains.

Approximately 25,000 people have sought refuge in temporary shelters as their homes were submerged or destroyed, leading to loss of livestock and extensive crop damage.

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Further casualties were reported from Sikkim, Nagaland, and Manipur, where at least 10 people lost their lives due to drowning, landslides, and collapsing houses.

Infrastructure across the region has been severely affected, with roads blocked by overflowing rivers and landslides, and bridges washed away by the swelling waters.

The weather forecast predicts continued heavy rainfall over the next two days, exacerbating the ongoing crisis.

India’s monsoon season, crucial for agriculture, typically spans from June to September, bringing essential rainfall for crops.

However, it also leaves behind a devastating impact, causing widespread destruction and loss of life in affected areas.

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