Igbineweka said, “The defendant confessed to us that he had carnal knowledge with the victim.”

However, the suspect simply acknowledged to touching the girl in open court.

Abdulkareem Jagun, a lawyer, announced the complainant’s attendance, and a lawyer also represented the defendant.

The victim’s father said that on the day of the event, he and his wife went out to vote since it was election day.

He said, “We went to cast our vote on election day and when we returned, my son said he was playing football outside when the boy raped his sister.

“While he was playing the ball outside, he said he discovered that he didn’t see his sister and went in search of her. He told us that he caught the boy who is my neighbour’s son when he got inside the house.

“My son also told us that the parents of the boy begged him not to tell us when we returned but my son said how will he not tell us about such a thing that happened to his sister.”

The case was adjourned till April 12, 2023, for the DPP’s legal advice.