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R Kelly’s Brother Confirms The Singer’s Underage Marriage To Aaliyah



We should all be aware that singer R. Kelly has been under serious fire lately for several pedophilic sexual accusations against him.

His younger brother Carey Kelly has decided to speak out after feeling ‘bad’ for not coming forward earlier in the wake of allegations made by more than a dozen women against his famous sibling.

‘I’m still surviving R. Kelly,’ he said. ‘Because I got to look over my shoulders,’ Carey Kelly told CBS Chicago, a reference to his involvement in the six part documentary aired by Lifetime, ‘Surviving R. Kelly.’

Carey Kelly said he doesn’t regret taking part in the program and that he has ‘nothing to gain by lying.’

The brothers haven’t spoken in more than a decade after the singer was acquitted on child pornography charges that centered on a sex tape R. Kelly allegedly made with an underage girl.

At the time Carey Kelly was suspected of being a man in that video, an accusation he strongly refutes.
The duo spoke over the phone following the case.

I said, ‘Hey man, you know, God gave you another chance, you know. God gave you another chance.’ And his arrogance, and people not believing different things that he’s accused of said, ‘God didn’t give me another chance. I gave me another chance. My money gave me another chance.”’

Carey Kelly is asked whether he thinks there’s any truth to allegations brought by women who’ve accused R. Kelly of mistreating and abusing them, sometimes when they were underage.

He cites his brother’s marriage to singer Aaliyah who was 15 at the time. The marriage was later annulled. ‘It don’t get no truer than that,’ Carey Kelly said.
He adds he noticed ‘troubling behavior decades ago, when R.Kelly ‘would ask him to ‘get girls for him at concerts.’

‘… to me they looked underage,’ he added.

Carey Kelly says he ‘can’t say that for sure,’ when asked if his brother ‘is a pedophile.’

‘I just know that he has a problem with control. I love my brother, but he do have a problem. And if anybody out there love him, they should want to see him get help,’ he said.

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