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R.Kelly Thrown Out Of His Georgia Mansion Over Unpaid Rent



R&B singer/songwriter R.Kelly has been served an eviction notice at his ebony sex palace in Atlanta, Georgia over unpaid rents. The mansion is believed to be the place where the R&B singer kept a harem of women for his carnal pleasure, papers.mansion.

According to reports, the popular singer was hit with the notice on Feb. 13.

Singer R. Kelly arrives at the 41st American Music Awards in Los Angeles

The papers reportedly stated that the singer was behind in rent by $23,084.90 and he also owes an additional $2,308.49 in late fees on the estate. The mansion was costing him $11,542 a month in rent.
It was reported that no one was at the home when the eviction notice was served and the property was said to have looked abandoned. He is also expected to face some criminal charges for the damage done to the house.
The eviction news comes after reports surfaced in December about both of Kelly’s Atlanta properties being robbed. It’s also been reported that Kelly is expected to be downsizing after a decrease in his revenue due to cancelled concerts and protests being held outside his shows.

The mansion was alleged to be the site of a “sex cult” where the singer held women (they were all reportedly over age 18), compelling them to provide sex on demand. If they did not comply, they were reportedly denied food.

R.Kelly thrown out of his Georgia mansion for unpaid rent lailasnews 3

Recall that R.Kelly was accused in 2017 of organizing a sex cult that utilise underage girls for all sorts of fetish sexual activities.

The women claim that they all acted on their on free will without being compelled into the sexual acts by the singer and hi cohorts. But many of their family members allege that the 51-year-old singer has brainwashed them and the girls didn’t seem to be in their right senses.

There are currently no criminal charges pending against the alleged sexual predator, aside from those related to the Georgia house.

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